Managing conflicts and complex tasks in an agile environment:

„To see clearly, a change of direction is necessary.“

(Antonie de Saint-Exupéry)

Often a lack of role and task transparency, diversity, different traits of personality and working under time pressure leads to conflicts. In team development, we experience the existence of the “storming phase”.
Conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings are part of everyday life. Sometimes a simple glance out of the box is sufficient to find the key to the problem.

Conflicts are the clash of different positions and interests. Leaders use the “Harvard model”: “Hard on the fact – soft on the people.” Well-resolved conflicts can also be a driver of creativity. However, unresolved tensions generate bad working environments and can lead to escalations.

In this seminar you will learn:
• Methods how to detect conflicts, control and resolve them
• How to analyse your team constellation taking into account diversity and personality traits
• your own conflict behaviour
• Communication techniques, structured conflict mediation and mediation tools towards constructive leadership.

In a 2-day workshop seminar and / or individual coaching, you work specifically on your tasks and challenges.

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