Efficient leadership within digital transformation

„Better to stumble on new ways than to step on the spot on old paths “.

Chinese saying

Megatrends such as globalization, demographic change, new work and increasing complexity pose major challenges for executives and leaders. The importance of self-reflection, health management, team control and self-organization in teams is increasing. Proven and agile leadership styles and methods are part of the tool box.

Self management

Being a role model: for lifelong learning, overcoming silos, fairness and courage.
Trust and open mind: creating a framework of trust and work, transparent information and tasks, an open mind-set, successful diversity management.

Innovation culture requires a culture of mistakes! Using the best knowledge and promoting creativity: Creating transparency, facilitating teamwork and associative learning, driving creativity and innovation.

Communication competence

In today’s world of information, communication competencies are key skills for employees and managers. Thus, team and individual success and goal achievement depend on how the relationship and the communication between the acting persons are shaped.

Developing employees and teams

Leading feedback conversations, coaching, defining of targets and controlling, promoting creativity and innovation, mentoring, lifelong learning (on-or off the-job).

Moderation & Presentation

Leading on equal eye level requires moderation/explanation of decision-making, exchange of experiences, team reflection and visualization techniques to present evolution and outcome.

Preparation of decision-making procedures is part of the method and toolbox.

Conflict management

In the VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguities) and within growing diversity, misunderstandings and conflicts materialize even more rapid. Managing them efficiently and quickly is a key task as a leader.

The modular structure of this custom -made leadership curriculum conveys methodical tools for practical use. In your leadership or junior leadership program, be it in in individual modules or coaching, you work specifically on the individual concerns, tasks and challenges of your organization or area.

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