Leadership for new work

Peter Drucker: Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Leadership is key for success! Digitalization requires technical and personal flexibility, a modern approach and change of mind-set even on top management levels.

• Self-reflection is the most important management task. In times of maximum diversity and complexity, new and proven leadership skills are needed. Hierarchies must become even. Anyone who wants to inspire and motivate people on their way, has to be on equal eye level, leads with courage to innovation and invites to self-responsibility and commitment.

Employee commitment and retention through integration!

• The key to business success is efficient and effective leadership. With the help of eight factors, we measure the actual situation and determine possible GAPs.

• You can download the explanation of the individual topics on the graph (based on Simo Dückert’s “Model of the Digital Leader”) here.

Let`s talk about that! We are glad to accompany you. We offer leadership tools and methods in individual modules, which we also integrate into your customized curriculum.

Be the future leader using new methods!
How you approach them?

  • Coaching for individuals (Shadowing)
  • Coaching for groups
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Professional Feedback
  • Working with seminar actors

Efficient leadership

Megatrends such as globalization, demographic change, new work and increasing complexity pose major challenges for executives and leaders. The importance of self-reflection, health management, team control and self-organization in teams is increasing. Proven and agile leadership styles and methods are part of the tool box.

Selbstmanagement & -reflexion

Leadership is also self-leadership, because every leadership task starts with one’s own person. Moreover, that is more important within our digital age. How do you deal with resources, what are special skills and talents and how do you use them in a focused way?

Conflict management

Conflicts, disagreements, misunderstandings are part of everyday life. Sometimes a simple glance out of the box is sufficient to find the key to the problem. Often a lack of role and task transparency, diversity, different traits of personality and working under time pressure leads to conflicts.

Intercultural and virtual teams

Multicultural teams (gender, nationalities, demography, and religion) are the new normality in everyday professional life. Diversity has many advantages as well as pitfalls. Therefore, every executive should have a considerable amount of intercultural competencies as well as technical/methodological competencies.

Moderation/Facilitation in team meetings

Be it in project teams or in the daily line organization, competent management of general brainstorming becomes more and more important. Unlimited meetings cost time and money and are demotivating.

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