Change Management

Change Management diagram

Graphic based on Kuebler-Ross

Change or transformation management: Competitiveness means more than ever to be more innovative and agile than others do. In times of digitization, companies need to continually adapt or renew their business models. Change is increasingly becoming a state of permanency. Having had change projects yesterday, one today lives in a status of perpetual transformation. Businesses face the challenge to be agile, flexible, active and adaptable. To think about your daily activities from the market or your customer´s point of view.

Agility is the quality of an organization to react responsively to changing needs, to learn continuously, and to evolve as a whole.

Change, change, change! New Leadership requires:

    • Plain hierarchies, communication at eye level, development of competent, collaborative teams.
    • Avoiding silos and support interdisciplinary cooperation and communication.
    • Use of best knowledge, commitment to and promotion of creativity.
    • Lifelong learning for managers and employees on-the-job and off the job.
    • Culture of Confidence and culture of mistake to create an associative learning environment

    We consult systemically and agile.

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