Our working methods

Workshop moderation/facilitation

Today, work results are being developed more and more frequently in groups or teams. It is about pooling knowledge and experience, exploiting potential and managing diversity and conflicts. Due to group dynamics and team development phases, it is not always easy to focus different perspectives and opinions to new results and solutions.

We supervise conception, planning and implementation of workshops and work meetings, from small groups to large group events. A sense for group dynamics and knowledge about cultural differences allow us to build bridges in difficult situations, to engage people to conversation and to generate solutions. We work solution-oriented, appreciative and remain neutral.

Mediation & Conflict management

If conflicts are not detected early, they can lead to large scaled, costly blockages within the organization. Different values in national and international team conflicts due to diversity are “the new normal”.
Mediation is a method for solving large scaled conflicts. As mediators, we take neutral position similar to coaching, steer the conflict clarification and resolution process and find a viable solution for and together with those involved.

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