About us

Our mission

More and more companies are leveraging the power of their market positioning and product development, their leadership teams and corporate cultures. Nonetheless, the new challenges are often critical, and we want to master them together with our customers.

With a clear focus on leadership, corporate cultures, change projects and innovation, we are competent consultants, innovative management developers and creative process facilitators.

As a consultancy network we work for companies of all industries and all sizes, we are experienced executives, project managers, consultants, and change & innovation specialists.

How do we work?

• With reflection, clarity, respect and awareness.
• Being at eye level and appreciative with our clients.
• With a systemic consulting approach, keeping in mind the “big picture”, the networks and involvements.
• With mindfulness towards all involved persons and existing processes.
• With proven and experienced tools.

Our Team

Barbara Wietasch

Barbara Wietasch

Barbara Wietasch is founder of Wietasch & Partner, Experts for Leadership & Innovation and developer of International Dynamics, a change system for organizations in a global environment.
She is organizational developer and consultant for agile transformations. Through consulting, implementation support, training and coaching, she offers sustainable and targeted results and changes to organizations and teams. Barbara Wietasch applies methods like SCRUM, Agile Management, Eigenland (R), Systemic Organizational Development and Generative Coaching …

Karin Haberleithner

Karin Haberleithner

Karin Haberleithner is founder of InspirePioneers and inspires organizations in organizational development, agile transformations and the discovery of new worlds of work. Her target is to create for companies exciting working cultures and, at the same time, become more entrepreneurially successful. Karin Haberleithner uses approaches from innovative models, such as Holacracy, Teal, Kaizen, Management 3.0, Agile Management and SCRUM.

Our network

• For large, especially cross-border assignments we cooperate with a selected team of permanent and freelance consultants, coaches and trainers as well as agency partners with different background and competence.

• We represent the systemic coaching & consulting approach. Each partner is a professional in his discipline and committed closely to our values and attitudes. We offer our services in German, English and Spanish.

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